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Receiving the divine frequencies and activations from the workshop "Quietening Your Mind" has opened my energies to experience a deeper and clearer connection to the Holy Mother. Directly following the work that we did with our minds in the workshop, I experienced a clearer vision, a lifting of the veils of my inner sight and with this came a deepening of understanding.

AmaYa's frequencies are beautiful, extremely loving, soothing, gentle and yet very powerful and exudes the qualities that helped me feel safe and held in the Holy Mother's arms. Thank you AmaYa, your work never ceases to amaze me!

Sydney, 2018








Amaya's 2 day activation workshop was masterful. I've never heard such deeply loving, supportive and healing words directed towards the masculine.  Amaya's channel shed a remarkably fresh new bright light on healing masculine feminine relationships as I was deeply touched to hear such loving, forgiving , empowering words towards the masculine from her channel.


Rarely have I heard such healing words directed towards the masculine.  I only wish more men could could be exposed to this and hear her message. The attraction for me, was that the words weren't coming from Amaya's personality, but from her transcendental all encompassing channel.

Gerry R
Sydney, 2018

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