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Image by Galina N
House of Prayer

Holy Mother, beloved mother of my soul,

Mother of love and Mother of all 

You are the great ocean of eternal, boundless love

The fabric through which all of creation is woven and caressed


Holy Mother, giver of life, ever present pure feeling matrix of all,

In your Holy Presence, I am blessed and forever held as your holy child. 

Prayer to the Holy Mother

Holy Mother,
within the beating of my heart,
in the flow of my breath, within the waters of life
and stars far above, anoint me, caress and bless me with
love’s pure essences and elixirs from the gardens of thy heart.
Nurture, soothe, grace and liberate my soul. Bless me with patience
to grow in vision, illumined radiance, love, and determination to create
from the deepest place within, my highest heart dreaming.
Guide me and bless me to know thee within me. Sustain, nurture and hold me to
grow in love, faith, grace, inspiration, trust, and freedom in the light. Guide me to
walk in new ways, in oneness with all life, fuelled by my soft, wild, untameable, spirited and powerful heart.

Initiate the love, compassion, wisdom and power and presence of the Holy Mother within.
Lead me home into the heart of the Great Mystery, beyond my conscious mind.
Set my mind free to flow out through all of eternity, upon the wings of love.

Bless the flowering of my mind to open in oneness to the
Cosmic mind of the Mother, into the fertile ground of love
So I may see, sense, know, grow, inspire and flow and

Serve through my inspired heart in balance here.
Anoint, consecrate my feminine power,
Present in her essence, and in will,
In service to love and to us all.

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