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Beloved heart,

We offer personal assistance through one on one connection, globally. 

Sessions are available via Zoom or in person, when possible.

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This sacred session is for any heart guided to evolve and grow and liberate themselves from limitation in life. It may also be offered for any aspect of your life that may be presenting itself as a challenge to you.

We will offer an understanding about the primary source of any challenge or limitation through accessing your akashic records. You will receive a reading of the akasha of your soul or spirit, which shares the truth about a significant incarnation which was left unresolved.

We will offer an abundance of love, truth and wisdom, with compassion and faith in you as you take this opportunity to balance unresolved energies from the incarnation described to you. We will enter into a deep forgiveness process together and break agreements to balance the energy so you may begin to be liberated from current influences presently binding your consciousness and energy, related to the akasha shared with you.

You will also receive the session audio and keys to assist you to complete your integration.


Length: 90 – 120 mins

Cost: US$ 185

Liberation of
Love and

This session is for the mending of your family's heart and the balancing of all family relationships where love and trust may have been lost. During this session we will offer you an understanding about a lifetime in which energy was left unresolved, and which now influences the dynamics between you and other family members. You will understand the reason for your current experience in family where you may be unable to be free in the presence of other family members.


Family members travel in pods together, from life to life, and in this lifetime, you now have the opportunity to resolve and balance any energy, and open your heart to every member who is linked to you by blood, through the genetic connection. Once you balance the family heart energies, you are then able to be a representative for other family members, who may be unable to be open hearted in each other’s presence. This session also frees your heart to be able to build more positive loving relationships with your partner In life. You will receive the session audio.

Length: 90 mins

Cost: US$ 150

We have created 3 sessions with 3 specific intentions, however, we offer support in accordance to true needs, in collaboration with the Family of Light.

May the grace of the Holy Mother

be with you whenever you are in need

of comfort or a loving embrace.

Forgiveness Ceremony in Holy Mother’s Presence

Beloved heart, this session supports your soul to be held in the arms of the Holy Mother, in her loving embrace until you feel safe, comforted and nourished by love so you may begin to forgive something in your life that takes away, your peace of mind.

You will be guided to surrender attachments and expectations that may be binding your heart, so your heart are mind are freed of memories and able to unite in love’s presence and be able to give love again. You will be offered dispensations, concentrations of love and be seen as divine, no matter what has taken place, beloved heart. We are here to assist you to free your light and lighten your sense of yourself.  You will receive the session audio.

Length: 75 mins

Cost: US$ 120

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