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  of our Light and Embodiment of Love

Namaste, beautiful one! 

From our open and smiling heart, I embrace you and welcome you in love’s presence, into the heart of all love divine. 

Bridges of love open to you from the presence of the Holy Mother, and as you read these words, may you receive her grace and blessing.


My mission and deepest heart dream is for every soul to liberate their love, feel loved and be seen through love's eyes. 

My prayer for every man, woman and child, is for the beauty of love to be witnessed and felt each day, and for every soul to be empowered to receive love without relying on another to gift it to them. 

My path is to open hearts to the Holy Mother and the receptivity of love and to support and nurture the power within every heart to create love, be filled, and share love with all. 


In this life, I experienced a greater need for love, for the healing of dis-ease, to reclaim my inner balance, peace and well-being. This journey led me to the experience of divine love and to sourcing love in abundance from my own heart flame, and to rely on the vast ocean of eternal love we know as Holy Mother when I was unable to nourish myself from within my own source. 


Love has guided me to open as an educator and channel for the Holy Mother, to supporting women in prisons in Mexico, and to world travel in response to the greater need of humanity to walk on earth as an embodiment of love, and to create love upon which our plans, intentions, projects and dreams may flow and attract to us, all that we may need. 

We honour your journey and the magnificence and preciousness of your heart and invite you beloved one, to train with us, in the Holy Mother's Temple, to grow in love and oneness, to receive grace, to evolve spiritually, and know who you are.

With all of our love and blessings,

 Amaya Ma

Divine Love is a miracle power, a force, a divine energy that exists in the heart of everything and everyone. In its pure form, it carries no intention, but simply through its presence, it heals all.



In all trainings with the Holy Mother and AmaYa, we will be graced with love’s restorative and sustaining powers and love’s power of dissolution, and building our heart empowerment to create the miracle of love to grow within us.


Love unites all and the spirit of pure love, is the Holy Mother.

Holy Mother’s Grace is a blessing for our soul and essential on our path of inner development, ascension and evolution. In our teaching circles and online trainings, this grace comes to us in the form of transmissional teachings, wisdom, gifts of divine grace, sound and light frequencies and love’s pure presence, concentrating within our energy field, enfolding and liberating, layer by layer, taking us beyond mental constructs.

Holy Mother’s Grace blesses us with our love initiations, when we need more love to love what we may have been unable to love previously, or may have withheld our love from, so we may embody divine love to our greatest capacity.


Holy Mother’s Grace is like velvet to our soul, soothing, so nourishing, nurturing, soft and yet powerful. 

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