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New 13 Week Training - start date TBA
Detailed Module Description Coming Soon
What will you receive in this program that is unique?
  • A flow of instruction through 13 weekly modules that guides our mind, soul and spirit on the journey of building our true identity as divine, innocent and pure beings of light by relying on the 2 superpowers of our soul.


  • Teachings relevant to our beautiful mind so our evolving consciousness can come on the journey as the student of the divine.


  • Weekly voice transmissions of the frequencies of the colours of love that raise our frequency into higher states so that we surrender, let go, see in a new way and believe in our divinity, brilliance and love.


  • A team of 3 angelic emissaries who will stay with you for the 13 week program to assist you to upgrade your vibrational frequency and body chemistry and bring more light through into your physicality.

Each week you will receive:
  • A live 90 min training session with AmaYa plus a high quality recording of the session

  • 30 mins of Q&A & clarification with AmaYa following on from each training session, plus the audio recording for your reference

  • A weekly practice PDF

  • Additional group support for 13 weeks in a private forum, to receive responses to questions and heart sharings

  • The Family of Light will be working with you during this program and in every training session, offering divine assistance.


  • A connection to the infinite presence and spirit of love, the Holy Mother.


  • Weekly Gifts of Grace in the form of enlightened love technologies that liberate and melt lower vibrational accumulations in our chakras and energy field, no longer relevant to our present life.


  • Spirit guided, weekly practices and processes that facilitate an accelerated shift in self love and higher awareness of self as an emanation of divinity.

Registration & Payment:

The training is available to purchase

for USD $333, or 3 payments of US$122.

Image by Quino Al
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