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A 3 Day Rural Retreat

19 - 22 April, 2019

with AmaYa Ma Kumara, Holy Mother, Enlightened Ones,

Celestial Mothers & Angels

mum round.png
Engage with the
Frequency of Love
Initiate & Accelerate your
Love Embodiment

What is your relationship to Love?

Do you seek it but it evades you?

Do you trust it then push it away?

Do you reject love and love it, all at the same time?

Human beings are complex. Love is simple.

How do we marry them together?

We each have a chakra system capable of producing love.

We each have an immense capacity to receive love without relying on another.

We each have an energy field that is a conduit for love’s infinite presence to flow through.

We invite 12 hearts to join us for this 3 day experience to deeply engage with the Holy Mother, her angels and the Celestial Mothers to...
Over this sacred retreat we shall be initiated by Love. We shall come to know that Love is the first Law.
We shall reach through the veils of separation, and invoke love to enter us, bless us and make known, its holy spirit in the air around us.
This love is divine love and it spiritualizes us, makes the sacred relationship with the divine, known to us.

Date & Time ♡ Easter Weekend

12 noon, Friday 19th to

12 noon, Monday 22nd

April, 2019

Location ♡ Thora Valley of Light

15 mins drive from Bellingen NSW

Fee ♡ $660

Includes accommodation on the property in a room (subject to availability) or in your own tent, plus breakfasts.


Our work will be specifically with the dimensions of the Heart Chakra and the heart chakra gateways.
Our intention is to...

Our work will be taking place in this creation portal. Teachings and meditations will be received within a 7 pointed Pleiadian stargate by the river, created for the purpose of mending the lines of light within the earth. Here we will be blessed by the 7 pillars each day holding the higher principles of love and light.

Image: Temple of Solar Alchemy and Healing

Solar Temple of Love and Grace


To complete our 3 day retreat on this sacred land, we will ground a

Pillar of Prayer and Forgiveness from all of the work we

manifest together through the beautiful

group heart we have built.


Image: Sacred River by the Pleiadian StarGate

Image: Old Man Dreaming Mountain

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