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Engage with the Frequencies of Love


22 - 25 August, 2019


Empower your Spiritual Connection

Raise your Energy Vibration

Be touched by Love

With AmaYa Ma

Love is a frequency, an essential vibration.

Love is a miracle, a pure universal force of healing.

Love is a holy flame within you and within the heart of everything.

Love unifies all that believes in separation and raises your energy vibration.

Love is the highest creation. Love stretches and strengthens our heart chakra, offers access to higher truth and deepens our spiritual connection.

August events @ Bay Shore, NY

Revealing the Treasure of Our Beautiful Mind

(this event is also available via Zoom LiveStream)

Thursday 22 August 7 – 9pm $33 USD

Circle of Sanctuary, Ceremony and Sisterhood

Friday 23 August 7 – 9pm $33 USD


Blessing of Love for Our Soul

Saturday 24 August 11.00am - 5.30pm $166 USD


Quietening Our Beautiful Mind

Sunday 25 August 1pm - 6.00pm $144 USD

(this event is also available via Zoom LiveStream)


All 4 events for $333  ($300 for those not joining the women’s circle)

Revealing the Treasure of our Beautiful Mind

With AmaYa Ma, Holy Mother & Enlightened Ones

Thursday 22 August   7 – 9 pm  $33 USD

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Revealing the Treasure of our Beautiful Mind

Love is the most powerful lesson our mind is being invited to learn at this time on earth.

Love has the power to melt mental chatter and raise this energy vibration into the light.

On our path with spirit, our mind is uniting with the original essence within our heart and anchoring back into our inner spiritual Source, into the golden pool of pure consciousness, golden drop by golden drop.

To accomplish this, our mind’s consciousness must receive more than enough droplets of pure Love frequency for the treasures of non-judgement, loving acceptance, stillness, laser like focus, clear guidance and understanding to be experienced and maintained by us.

Join us for this 2 hour event to receive the octaves of love's frequencies flooding through the energetic structure known as the merkaba of the mind. Relax, listen from the heart, surrender and receive.

Let love in.

Let love take you into its Holy Embrace.

You will be offered core understandings on the nature of consciousness and a transmission of the frequencies of love into the gateways of the mind’s energy structure, to soften and fill your mind sphere with immense love. This will support the release of a layer of potential rigidity, confusion, and denial of our spirit’s oneness with the light of All That Is. It is our mind that is the greatest influence upon the embodiment of love and our intention is to offer a pathway of understanding that assists us on our path of embodying more love for our soul’s greater fulfillment.


You will receive a Holy Mother prayer to further assist the treasure house of your beautiful mind to be revealed to you, layer by layer, a short Love practice, and the high quality audio recording of this session.

Circle of Sanctuary, Ceremony & Sistehood

Circle of Sanctuary, Ceremony & Sisterhood

Friday 23 August   7 – 9 pm

There is a special power and solidarity created when sisters gather in sacredness. The world needs this now. It is the feminine within each of us that is awakening and truly needed for the restoration, healing, unification and balance within our world. She is the birther, lover, mother and oracle priestess of all life and with her guardianship of the balancing force and power of her eternal flame of love, all is possible.


We are calling in the goddesses to join hearts and voices in a sisterhood circle of sacredness and love. We will welcome you in, offer to smudge and anoint you as you enter into sacred space with flowers, oils, candles and herbs. You will be healed, nurtured, held, heard, celebrated, supported and blessed by the beauty of the hearts of the women as we all come together to ignite our power and authentic voice to speak our prayers and truths from deep within. We are coming to remember who we are together, to join hearts and honour our purpose as the divine feminine on earth. 

We will rise through the current moon cycle as we give our love back to all in our lives that no longer wishes to be carried. We will do this on behalf of our children, our parents, our grandmothers and grandfathers and all in our world. As we sing of our love for the moon mother, she takes from us all that no longer serves, offering us freedom and new alignment inside. We will slow down together, reflect on our learnings and give time to just be and to be held in the arms of the Holy Mother. She will come to bless your heart and initiate your holy flame of love to be freed from within you so you may empty yourself with great love for your own soul and the love of the universe holding you. It is the time to allow the Universe, your Angels, and Guides to assist you in feeling supported on your path of discovery of your divine womanhood.


We will welcome in the lunar frequencies fearlessly, into our heart, soul, body and mind and stand as moon priestesses and guardians of our powerful inner worlds.

In this empowerment together we will send our roots deep into our Mother Earth. We will breathe in the fragrances of the herbs and sacred medicines and honour our earth mother. We will give her our light. We will sing her together and send out our prayers for all her children to be well.

As we dive deep into the mystery of our dreams with Mother Earth, we will draw out our new truth, our new purpose, our heart dream, to bring it into manifestation over the new lunar cycle ahead. Our intentions and dreams will be empowered by our sisterhood circle of light as we light up each other’s hearts in a circle of love and trust. Join us in sacred circle, in celebration of all souls in women’s bodies on the earth.


What you may receive:

  • The reconnection to the truth and heart of our sisterhood.

  • The reconnection to ceremony and the understanding of ceremony in our lives for our feminine empowerment.

  • The empowerment of speaking from your authentic heart voice and being truly heard, appreciated and honoured in a sacred circle of light.

  • When we gather in group, much more is possible. Our power is amplified. This amplification will occur in all we bless and let go of, and in all we intend to renew and manifest.

  • Learn to use the power of the moon for your alignment to the cycles of time, which is important for your wellbeing and for living in harmony with the natural flow and order. When the ceremonies stopped, imbalance began to occur. We are in the process of restoring our communion/communication with the spirit of the moon, the earth, and the spirit present in all of life, which is what ceremony is. Ceremonies empower and support life to flourish.

Blessing of Love for Our Soul

With AmaYa Ma, Holy Mother & Enlightened Ones

Saturday 24 August   11 – 6 pm

Blessing of Love for Our Soul

Session Descriptions

11.00am  Igniting the Power of our Heart Flame and setting our intention together.

11.45am  Guided meditation - Slowing down our energy, stilling our mind and dropping deep into the mystery that is our big heart.


12.30pm  Connection to the Source of Love, the Holy Mother, the Great Ocean and Field of Love consciousness


1.30pm  Lunch


2.15pm  Personal Reading given in the circle, of your spirit that is coming home to marry with the heart of your soul. Connecting your soul and this part of your spirit, together. This part of your spirit projects energies such as unworthiness, hopelessness, failure, low self esteem, does not wish to be seen etc. This will be unique for each participant in the group.


3.45pm  Holy Mother’s Grace for your spirit. You will be guided to befriend your spirit, bring the safety of love’s embrace to your spirit. The Holy Mother’s grace will be with you, bringing dispensations of pearls and flowers of pure light and love that are the medicine this part of your spirit has been waiting for so it may return into oneness with your heart and empower your love vibration to grow.


5.00 - 6pm  The power of the Universal Laws of Oneness, Refection, Forgiveness and Love. We will complete with a mergence process with our super consciousness to understand the learning, what we need to know now as the higher truth this part of our spirit has brought to us.


Please bring lunch, drinks, bottled water, small snack if necessary, as we will only have one scheduled short break, ready to begin again after a 45 min body break.  

We are precious and magnificent souls of great light. We are a storehouse of giftedness, genius and immense capabilities. We journeyed to the earth from the stars to bring our love here and earth it into the heart of this planet for all future children of the earth. We came to play in a field of light that is the light body of our Mother Earth. She is our mother, our teacher, our benefactor and spiritual friend.


At this time of great change on the earth, it is important to understand how we may truly unveil the essence of our soul and ignite and share the light and gifts of our soul with each other. It is the frequency of love and the Great Mother that are our best friends and companions in these times of great movement as we awaken globally as a humanity to our true identity.


Standing behind you is your spirit. Your spirit is your inspiration. It is your immense love. It is your joy. It carries profound gifts and masteries. Some of your spirit is unconditionally loving, and some of your spirit has withheld its love and hidden its gifts and higher qualities away.

Over this day you will receive an understanding about a part of your spirit that is presently initiating you to open your heart, access the flame of love within, and stand in the light of compassion so you may be a bridge to help this part of your spirit to marry with the amazing heart of your soul.


This is the process of evolution we are each walking and it is the love frequency, which when accessed from within that is the doorway to our greatness. This greatness is revealed most of all when we strengthen our heart muscle through meeting our initiations of love and giving love to all we may have withheld our love from. In this way we bless the growth of love for our own soul and our closest relationships as we liberate that which lives in separation from the love of our heart.


Quietening our Beautiful Mind

With AmaYa Ma, Holy Mother & Enlightened Ones

Sunday 25 August   1 – 6.30 pm  $144 USD

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This session is available to LiveStream on Zoom. Please purchase via PayPal link below to access this.

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Quietening our Beautiful Mind

We are stunning, magnificent beings of light. We are constellations of frequencies and within and around us, these frequencies are humming to the power of belief we carry and are directly influencing our physical reality and our experience of life.  Are you prone to giving away your soul’s power to random thoughts and questionable beliefs? Do you follow these thoughts and believe them or do you challenge them?


Our mind is the container for all of our brilliant consciousness, however not all of our consciousness benefits nor supports us to be the best we can be. When we believe and follow our thoughts we may not always find ourselves in a place where we have access to our finest levels of awareness and empowerment as human beings. 

During this afternoon event, masculine and feminine energy centres of our mind, within and around our head region will be opened with great love and respect and emptied of mental operating systems we may be tired of experiencing and have been unable to shift or transform. Our intention is to facilitate the raising of our consciousness into the higher frequencies where we may resonate with the pure light and experience more HIGHER AWARENESS, DIVINE INSPIRATION, CLEAR UNDERSTANDING and HIGHER GUIDANCE. 

The emptying assists our mind to slow down, become quiet, open, flexible and truly receptive. Our mind may then be in true service to our soul in a higher way. This emptying also powerfully opens the door to love’s embodiment through our chakras and cells of our physical body.


We will be offered understandings related to 3 layers of our mind’s operating system. These 3 operational functions of our consciousness are related to past experiences, not only from this life, but from prior powerful incarnations and from our ancestors through the transference of DNA. It is through reading the collective energies of the group present in this workshop, and clearing the most unsupportive ways and operations of our mind, that we may open to enjoy greater awareness of the light, and loving acceptance and embrace of all with non-judgement.


We will be embraced unconditionally in a concentrated field of divine love and light and be supported to let go, surrender to the divine, receive dispensations from the eternal realms, and re-orientate the perceptions of our mind to serve the true relationship with the divinity of our soul, the divinity of others and the divinity of our world.

You will receive the high quality audio of this event so you can always return and receive the grace to unveil your mind, layer by layer as the vessel of light it truly is.

Session Descriptions

1pm  Gathering of our Light

This session takes us into the light of our hearts, and earths our light so we may open our heart in the fullness of divinity, still and surrendered and suspended in the light. Here we listen to understand the blessing of the consciousness we are here to purify and liberate within our mind’s merkaba of light.


2pm  Divine Assistance for the liberation of our Monitor consciousness

We focus on the monitor consciousness of our mind that usually makes choices and decisions based on memory and at times is affected by fear. As we identify this operating system, we receive the grace to free the source of the memory and support the pure light of our consciousness to expand through the container that is our beautiful mind.


3.15pm  Divine Assistance for the liberation of our Watcher Protector

The watcher protector consciousness is revealed in this session and blessed and consecrated as divine and it’s beliefs purified and melted through the presence of immense love and dispensations from the Enlightened Ones.

4.30pm  Divine Assistance for the liberation of our Loving Observer

Our core consciousness held in the centre of our head that may have deeply taken on rigid belief systems and woven them solidly through the fabric of our life, will be supported to let go and dismantle that which is truly not the highest belief system of our soul.

5.30 – 6.30pm  Alignment and harmonization with the Mother Earth

A gentle bathing with the frequencies of divine love and light to soothe and harmonise and align our mind’s merkaba to the light field of the Mother Earth which brings great stability as more of our soul’s brilliant higher consciousness flows through us.   


This is deep consciousness work that creates a liberation of light trapped in timelines of memory and supports the illumined brilliance of our being to be more present and flowing through our energy system. It also supports more light to be held in the cells of the physical body.


Please bring snacks and water for the short 5 min breaks between some of the sessions. This is a jam packed afternoon in which we will cover a lot of ground.


Enquiries & Registration

Gina Lee



Bearfoot Yoga Studio

146W Main Street

Bay Shore NY

Events live @ Bearfoot Yoga Studio, Bay Shore, New York or via audio recordings at a later time. All registrants receive high quality audios via a download link.


LiveStream on Zoom is available for 2 events - Thursday 22 August and Sunday 25 August.


Meet AmaYa

AmaYa is a divine vessel for the wisdom, love and dispensations of the Holy Mother. She is a transmitter of the frequencies of love, which empower a soul to raise in energy vibration and experience their divine essence. She mentors souls through her embodiment of love, faith, compassion, higher truth and the wisdom of her Divine Presence.


She facilitates trainings, programs, events and retreats in service to the true freedom of our humanity and development of our heart chakra as an illumined portal of love. She is an international teacher and mentor of The Divine University.

AmaYa has co-facilitated two one year self mastery schools and trained students to read Akashic Records. She is preparing to teach a one year, self mastery school based on new teachings on the art and science of the heart.


Visit Amaya at the Sirius Library

Visit Amaya at the Self Mastery School

Meet Amaya
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