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Our Beautiful
weekend of unconditional love
21 and 22 April, 2018
Divine University Temple, Lomas De Bezares, Mexico City

Our mind is the container for all of our brilliant consciousness, however not all of our consciousness benefits nor supports us to be the best we can be. When we believe and follow our thoughts we may not always find ourselves in a place where we have access to our finest levels of awareness and empowerment as human beings.

During this weekend we will be investigating our mind and bringing divine assistance to 7 primary energy vortexes with the intention of opening, filling and illuminating these so our mind may perceive life with love and light.


These 7 energy centres and the bridges between them, facilitate the expansion of our consciousness and are doorways to our HIGHER AWARENESS, DIVINE INSPIRATION, CLEAR UNDERSTANDING and HIGHER GUIDANCE. These 4 powers and functions of the masculine and feminine hemispheres of our mind, operate when our mind is assisted to slow down and becomes quiet, open, flexible and truly receptive. To accomplish this, it must be watered by love and infused with light.

You will receive divine teachings and the Holy Mother blessing of your mind and brow, and understandings related to 3 layers of our mind’s operating system - the Monitor, the Watcher/Protector and the Observer. These 3 functions of our mind are typically influenced by our past experiences, and also via our genetic inheritances from our parents. We will be clearing the most unsupportive ways of our mind, receiving dispensations and dissolving clouds of fogginess so we may open to enjoy greater awareness of the light, acceptance, love and non-judgement. 
The most important gifts and benefits we will receive are:
  • The Holy Mother’s blessing of our brow chakra and mind
  • The empowerment of our mind as a vessel of non-judgement, acceptance and love
  • The balancing of karma in divine order for each soul present
  • Greater freedom from the unresolved thoughts of our ancestors that may influence us
  • An increase in our conscious connection with the light
  • The deepening of our mind’s empowerment to direct our light and live from our heart

Our sacred work will be empowered, graced and supported by the Mothers, angels, archangels and the Enlightened Ones. We will be embraced in a pure field of divine love and light and be supported to let go, surrender to the divine, and re-orientate our mind, and the perceptions of our mind to serve the true relationship with the divinity of our soul, others and our world.   

Venue:  Divine University Temple, Lomas De Bezares, Mexico City
Cost for the weekend: Sliding Scale - 2,500 to 4000 MXN, 3 scholarships available.

LOVE AND LIBERATION -  Personal Reading with Amaya
Available 18th, 19th and 20th, April 2018 in the Divine University Temple, 90 minutes, 2,500 MXN

This sacred session is for an aspect of your life that may be challenging to you. You will receive love, truth and wisdom for your soul’s path and an akashic reading for the balancing and clearing of a lifetime that is the primary source of your challenge, beloved heart. You will be supported to understand the gifts you held in that lifetime and also the karmic influences and imprints sourcing from the incarnation described to you. You will be invited to enter into a deep forgiveness and healing process to balance the energy from this lifetime so you may begin to be liberated from this issue in your life. You will also receive keys to assist you to complete the balancing of this challenge in your life. You will receive the session audio

With all our love and blessings,

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