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8:8 Lion’s Gate Sirian Activation

With AmaYa Ma and the Sirian Presences

Thursday 8 August  7 - 9 pm 


Sirius is a star in the heavens that is a collective portal for the awakening, ascension and enlightenment of all beings in our universe. It is a portal of collective wisdom and love. During this portal period when our Earth and Sun align to the star Sirius and our galactic centre, we are able to receive powerful transmissions of high vibrational frequencies from Sirius, which activate our energy systems and reconfigure the very structure of our DNA to reflect our divinity and greater potential as human beings. 


This immense influx of light coming to the earth carries ascension codes and blueprints of mastery that support us wherever we are on our spiritual path of love, wisdom, ascension, or de-scension of our higher consciousness into our body. All that we receive will bless us for many months to come. We invite you to join us to co-create a powerful and uplifting experience for soul, mind, body and heart as we unite our big hearts and raise into the pure light field together.


We will be gently guided during this evening to:

  • Open our hearts and universal connection, and receive our Sirian Higher Self merging into our chakras through our energy body to assist us to take a giant leap towards the embodiment and expression of our Divine nature

  • Receive the activation and illumination of our heart and brow chakra from the Holy Mother Lodge emissaries on Sirius

  • Sit with the last 9 generations of our ancestors and receive their gifts and blessings and the assistance of the Sirian Emissaries to no longer carry the limited blueprints of separation from Source passed on through the transference of our ancestor’s DNA to us

  • Activate the blueprint of spiritual abundance and mastery through our crown chakra to awaken our brilliant consciousness and illuminate the core consciousness in our brow and mind sphere with the Sirian encodements of expansion into the pure light streams of higher intelligence

  • Earth our mind into the heart of our Mother Earth to receive in stillness and pure grace and be bathed and filled to overflowing with the incoming higher light frequencies to receive a gift, unique to our being and path.

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6 Elm Street

Oakland NJ 07436

Event also available via Zoom

Sacred Exchange  $33 USD

LiveStream - each session will also be available via LiveStream on Zoom for those who are not local to Orangeburg and the surrounding NY region.

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