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Be Touched by The Infinite

the Loving Force and Source of all!

Sunday 10 March 9am - 7pm

Live at Temple Byron, Byron Bay

Or online via Zoom + the Complete Audio Package

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Beloved Friend,

There is an Infinite Heart unfathomably devoted to you.

It is always listening, ever-present and guiding you

This is a simple relationship you don't have to earn

It's simply there, always fulfilling your true need

Enabling you to lovingly trust yourself

Will you explore it with us and give it life?


We invite you beloved heart to join us in an activated Field of Higher Light Frequencies to receive 7 divine blessings that each lovingly guide you home into your own infinite heart.

The 7 presenters of this program shall weave a wonderful tapestry of divine experience that engages you with the Infinite, and empowers and graces your unique relationship with the Infinite Source within all.

Blessed Be the Love of the Infinite within and around you!

Live at Temple Byron, Byron Bay,

Or online on Zoom, plus the Complete Audio Package

Event Program

Divine University Teachers channel and deliver high frequency based transmissional teachings, activations, healing, love, wisdom and truth from their specialties in co-creation with The Family of Light.

7 Unique Presenters of Frequency & Grace

What you will receive


7 Facilitators offering 7 unique streams of frequency


7 Simple Teachings that empower your connection with the Infinite Source in 7 different ways, through 7 sacred steps


7 transmissions of love & light that activate and energise your entire field and chakras


7 guided processes that each open us to relax deeply, be gently held as we empty and surrender to our Source, and become a vessel of brilliant energy exchange


Deep experiences of giving and receiving love that aid you to feel and sense the Infinite Source around you, so close to you


Sound transmissions that change the field structure within and around you to heighten your subtle awareness of love's presence, the feeling nature of the Infinite Source


The Complete Audio Package, with PDFs to support your relationship with your Infinite Source to continue to bless your life

Who is The Divine University

The Divine University is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to support humanity upon their Spiritual Path of the Heart to fulfill their higher purpose and live in divine relationship with the Earth and all forms of life as Loving Caretakers.

Date: March 10, 2019

Time: 9am - 7pm

Cost: AU$144   (US$100 approx)

Live Location: Temple Byron 46 Melaleuca Drive, Byron Bay NSW

Online: Zoom Links emailed upon registration


Registrations close Friday March 8

Purchase Live Event Ticket

Online/Audio Event Ticket

As the venue has no immediate cafes in the area, we recommend you order lunch for the day. If you do, you will receive a delicious organic, vegetarian lunch which includes: Dahl and Brown Basmati Rice pilaf, Chutney (seasonal) and a fresh Green Salad with herbs and dressing. Served lovingly in a compostable bowl with cutlery.

Lunch is Gluten free, Vegan with the best of local and seasonal ingredients used. Book your meal ahead of time to ensure you receive a nourishing, seasonal, Ayurvedic inspired and high frequency meal made by Ayurvedic chef and health coach Yummy Lara. 

Please book and pay $20.00 by Saturday March 9th, 5pm.

Live Event - Lunch on Order




p: 0421 117 562



m: 0411 575 604



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