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Full Moon Women's Ceremony

Circle of Sanctuary, Sacredness & Sisterhood

We, the feminine, have the power to see

We reach deep into the mysteries of the inner worlds within

We are spirited and freedom is our lore

We know who we are

Expansive, perceptive, sensory, sensual and spacious

Receptacles of divine inspiration and higher awareness

As doorway keepers of the flame of love, we know ourselves as timeless, in oneness and communion with all life.

We are the sisters, mothers, lovers, midwives of the One.

Thursday 15 August  7 - 9 pm

Body Positive Works, NJ 


We will hold the sacred intention to:

  • Open and ignite our heart and circle of sister light and wrap the world with our group heart

  • Honour our soul and each other as women and celebrate our womanhood

  • Amplify our power of womanhood through ceremony and the blessing of this full moon

  • Open our receptivity and receive the Holy Rose blessing with the Moon Mothers and Sisterhood of Light

  • Reach within to our dreams, deepest wishes and desires and illuminate these with our light, our word, our voice and empower and amplify these with the power of the full moon frequencies

  • Consecrate each other as women with the power of the rose, a symbol of divine love in all its forms

  • Earth the power of our womanhood, rooting this deep into the Mother Earth’s body, asking this great Mother to walk with us to assist us to be fully present in our body, aware, self loving and self responsible and having all of our true needs met so we build our empowerment as a tangible force of the divine feminine in our homes, families, relationships and communities

There is a power created when sisters gather in sacredness on the full moon. At this time, our inner connection is amplified and heightened and we sense our subtle energies being powerfully moved.


It is the feminine within each of us being awakened and pulsed by the lunar frequencies as the moon mother reaches her peak. It is a time of fullness and completion, and as women we intuitively know it is time to also let go and surrender as there is nowhere else to go, but within, into the sanctuary of the heart.

We invite you to gather in a circle of sacredness, ceremony and sisterhood, and remember your heritage as lovers, creatives, sisters and mothers, birthers, and oracle priestesses. You are more than you seem and when we gather together, we reflect to each other, the divine qualities that are sometimes unseen, unknown or simply forgotten, that raise us up together as sisters in the full moon’s illuminated presence.


We will be smudged and anointed as we enter into our ceremonial space of co-creation together and over this evening as the full moon mother, heightens our senses.

Enquiries & Registration

Body Positive Works


Registration is essential


Body Positive Works

96E Allendale Rd

Saddle River NJ

Cost $40

$70 for both Full Moon (15 August) & New Moon Women's Ceremonies

Please bring a small contribution for our full moon altar that will nourish and reflect our radiance, beauty, greatness and the higher qualities of us all. Eg a goddess statue, a flower, an image, something from nature, a cleansed crystal.

Please bring a Tea light holder, a pen, bottled water, your beautiful self clothed in your goddess garments, a scarf for our ceremony.

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