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Our Feminine is Rising to Balance our World

8 Sacred Webinar offerings to Sanctify, Ignite, Expand, Empower and Earth our Feminine Light… bringing stability to our feminine embodiment


Tuesday 24th to Saturday 28th September 2018

with AMA’YA MA

and the Holy Mother, The Makira Moon Mothers, Mother Gaia and the Councils of the Holy Mother Lodge

There is a powerful feminine force within each of us. She is rising to be seen, heard, sensed and embodied as the next step on humanity’s evolutionary path. She is rising to meet her counterpart, the masculine force in our world, to pacify his deepest fears and any spiritlessness that may deny the truth of his holy purpose in our world, both in our inner union and our outer manifestations.


SHE must now be recognized within as the antidote to all our challenges, unforeseen circumstances, supposed falls from grace and loss of dignity and sense of purpose as human beings.


SHE must now be known within as the one who has the power to access the inspiration of Spirit, the purity of our divinity, the pure eternal substance of love, compassion, faith and bliss, and bring it out from deep within into our everyday reality, stabilize it as our holy purpose on earth, together in the spirit of heart centred partnership, family, community and our oneness as a humanity. 


We offer the following series of 8x 90 min webinars to empower our feminine light’s expansion, embodiment and stability and actualise our feminine consciousness as the foundation for our life so we may create and manifest with the heart of our masculine force in unity and oneness with the divine purpose and roles we play in our every day life.

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