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Our Feminine is Rising to Balance our World

8 Sacred Webinar offerings to Sanctify, Ignite, Expand, Empower and Earth our Feminine Light… bringing stability to our feminine embodiment


Tuesday 24th to Saturday 28th September 2018

with AMA’YA MA

and the Holy Mother, The Makira Moon Mothers, Mother Gaia and the Councils of the Holy Mother Lodge

There is a powerful feminine force within each of us. She is rising to be seen, heard, sensed and embodied as the next step on humanity’s evolutionary path. She is rising to meet her counterpart, the masculine force in our world, to pacify his deepest fears and any spiritlessness that may deny the truth of his holy purpose in our world, both in our inner union and our outer manifestations.


SHE must now be recognized within as the antidote to all our challenges, unforeseen circumstances, supposed falls from grace and loss of dignity and sense of purpose as human beings.


SHE must now be known within as the one who has the power to access the inspiration of Spirit, the purity of our divinity, the pure eternal substance of love, compassion, faith and bliss, and bring it out from deep within into our everyday reality, stabilize it as our holy purpose on earth, together in the spirit of heart centred partnership, family, community and our oneness as a humanity. 


We offer the following series of 8x 90 min webinars to empower our feminine light’s expansion, embodiment and stability and actualise our feminine consciousness as the foundation for our life so we may create and manifest with the heart of our masculine force in unity and oneness with the divine purpose and roles we play in our every day life.

  • Webinar 1 - The Divine Plan for our Feminine Evolution in this Life
    Tuesday 25th September 2018 5 – 6.30pm NY time This session offers an overview of our current galactic evolutionary cycle and it’s influence upon each of us from our galactic sun centre regarding the collective direction and path of each of our soul’s greater purpose and the role of our feminine light in this current incarnation. In a grounded way, we come to understand what this means for us and how, when we align to the rising of our feminine consciousness, we as the feminine, gift ourselves and each other, freedom. We set this intention together into the field of all life and receive the encodements, light codes, tablets and dispensations from the Holy Mothers for the actualization of feminine freedom as a force of liberation and love and peace in our world.
  • Webinar 2 - The Power of our Feminine Light, Love and Power of Creation"
    Wednesday 26th September 2018 8 – 9.30am NY time We are offered the teachings on the true nature and purpose of our feminine energy and consciousness and the qualities, powers and gifts of our feminine that we all carry, perhaps unknown, unused within us. In this session the Holy Mothers will activate the 5 primary powers of love, compassion, faith, divinity and bliss through our energy field to empower the seeds of the original blueprint of feminine creation substance we carry, perhaps dormant, through us.
  • Webinar 3 - The Feminine Power of Love and Compassion
    Wednesday 26th September 2018 5 – 6.30pm NY time Teachings on the power of love as a form of divine energy with specific powers to assist us during this planetary cycle we are in. We will be offered simple practices for each of these powers so we may activate the truth of our feminine as a bridge to the Holy Mother. The teaching on the power and nature of compassion will deeply support us to stay in our heart and stabilize our feminine consciousness to no longer generate destabilizing feelings and emotions and to stand empowered as the wayshower and director towards inner peace. When we initiate our feminine power of compassion, we empower our heart centred power of creation through collaboration and oneness with all beings.
  • Webinar 4 - The Feminine Power of Faith
    Thursday 27th September 2018 8 – 9.30am NY time Teachings on the power of faith and why this sacred relationship with the Unified Field, Source, God’s Presence is so important for the empowerment of our feminine heart and expansion of our feminine light. We will be supported by the Mothers of Faith to cleanse and purify the dimensions of our heart to open our heart sentience to more deeply embody the sensation of our feminine’s oneness with the divine and so she is free to expand into this greater field of oneness which offers our feminine her empowerment and passion to create.
  • Webinar 5 - The Feminine Power of Divinity
    Thursday 27th September 2018 10 – 11.30am NY time Teachings on the feminine spirit and essence that carries the power to sense, see the purity of the heart and rests in her consciousness in the purity of God’s light and love. This power is the blessing of the feminine receptive mind that uses the power of the pure light to bring all back into its original blueprint of purity and innocence. We will be assisted to open this power to support us in our daily lives to go to the essence of the pure light in all and no longer be influenced by outer appearances of the physical world, which is only one dimension and not the whole truth. The Unicorn Mothers will be assisting us to cleanse our feminine mind to open to its greater presence and oneness within the Unified field. This feminine power will be blessed by the Holy Mother’s Grace.
  • Webinar 6 - The Feminine Power of Bliss
    Thursday 27th September 2018 12 – 1.30pm NY time Teachings on the power of Bliss in the body generated by the presence of love through our feminine sensory body and expanded through cellular nature will be offered as a doorway of actualizing this embodiment and the pleasure of living in a physical body. The Mothers will bring forward dispensations to purify our sensory body of memory and karmic imprints to open this love body to its truth. Our sensory body’s connection to the Field of Divine Love will be activated so this body may once more receive pure love directly from the field and the Holy Mother’s presence.
  • Webinar 7 - Earthing of our Feminine light into the Body, Heart and Field of Gaia"
    Friday 28th September 2018 8 – 9.30am NY time We open to a deeper reclamation of our oneness with the Holy Mother Gaia through the heart of our soul and our feminine and masculine spirit, in unity, so we may truly ground and stabilize the power of our light here into the body of Gaia. We will open to releasing, balancing and cleansing all we are guided, that no longer serves us in our relationship with Mother Earth, our purpose here and the fulfillment of our contract in this incarnation to manufacture love through our inner alchemical power and earth this love as our gift to the Mother Earth as our gift back to her for the life she has given us. This is an opening for your soul and Higher Self, as the guide and mentor of all parts of you, coming home to the light or to the void.
  • Webinar 8 - Activation of our feminine bridge of light from the heart of our Mother Earth to the Heart of the Holy Mother Lodge on Sirius
    Saturday 29th September 2018 8 – 9.30am NY time This is a prerecorded session, an activation, co-created in oneness with the Holy Mother, and the Sisterhood of the Rays and Rose whose ashram is anchored through Lake Titicaca, on the Equinox, on the 22nd September 2018, on location, in this primary planetary portal on the Island of the Sun. Prior to this activation there will be a planetary activation on the Island of the Moon for the ignition of the truth of the Feminine through this portal.
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