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Engage with the Frequencies of Love

for the Flowering of your Family Love


Empower your Love in the presence of Family

Raise your level of Family Trust

Be touched by Family Love

Be yourself with Family

17 - 18 August, Oakland NJ

The Flowering of your Family Love

In co-creation with the Holy Mother, Angels, Archangels & Enlightened Ones


In the heart of our family lays an immense amount of love for every family member. In the heart of our family lays the trust we have built over lifetimes during which we have been together. In the heart of our family also lay the memories of any grievances we may have with each other that have been left as unresolved from other lifetimes of connection in family experiences of our soul.


Family pods travel together. We come together in different ways as a mother, a father, a child, a sister or brother and these roles may change or stay the same from incarnation to incarnation, depending on the lessons we need to learn. These are known as our family love initiations.

In this lifetime, we have come together again to meet to share the immense love and trust, support each other to be the best we can be, and to also go beyond the surface of grievances, differences and memories, to reach that level of love and trust if it is not experienced in this life with each family member.


This may seem a daunting task to accomplish but in truth, dear heart, it is the very reason why we are here again together in this life. We do not choose who are family members will be. This is chosen in the higher planes for the highest benefit of every family member. We may feel like running away from our family and yet there is the learning of love and trust that we are here to accomplish in this life together.


When we accept this responsibility, we, the awakened soul, can accept that we are the one who can accomplish this great task of service to our family, to illuminate our family heart and gift this grace to the 7 future generations who will inherit this great family heart. As we raise the frequency of our family heart which we are each connected to, and through which we receive family love, we bless all other family members to come into greater peace and harmony.

In this weekend event, you will be supported to bring completion to family karma that you carry as a family group, and that you as an awakened one, have the power to bring balance to. Family love is one of the dearest forms of love and karma in family veils our connection to our eternal flame. So if we, in any way, avoid the resolution and balancing of family karma, we veil our eternal flame and are unable to fully contact this flame for our own evolution. Blessings our family heart is one of the contracts we have made on the spiritual planes prior to our incarnation, beloved heart.


Event Program

Saturday 17 August   10 – 5 pm

10am - Invitation into your soul’s Heart and the heart of your group family heart in the presence of Mother Gaia. Setting our intentions, speaking the prayers and creating the sacred container and space for our journey together.

10.45am – Teaching on the power of love and the Universal Laws of Oneness, Reflection and Compassion


11.45am – Igniting our symbiotic relationship with the Holy Mother of our soul and empowering our heart to deliver love to every family member from the purity of our divine flame of love, beyond all reason and belief. Transmissions of the frequencies of love will be offered for this purpose.


1.00 Lunch


2.00pm – Understanding family karma. Akashic Reading related to the family karma we carry in our heart chakra. This is a primary learning in our family life from which we reclaim our family love and trust in family. Journal writing.


3.30pm – Receiving the grace of the Holy Mother and the frequencies of love for our soul aspect to begin to melt the layers of memory and belief and restore a layer of family love. We will be supported by the angel of our family heart to release the karma of the argumentative family, judgemental family or disassociated family dynamic held in the family heart.


4.45pm – Activity in the presence of family love, for the recognition that we, as souls are all equality in our divinity - all healing, reclaiming, remembering family love and there is no shame, no guilt, no blame, no separation to carry, as masks are unnecessary in the presence of family members and only take away our precious energy and separate us from the love and trust of family.


The soul aspect is placed in a chamber, overnight, cared for by the angels of the Holy Mother. Our family members are invited to join us in the violet flame, held in the love of our family heart.

Program - Day 1

Sunday 18 August   10 – 5 pm

10am – Second ceremony with the Holy Mother for our soul aspect. Breaking agreements our soul aspect may have made, to unwind and unbind the energy related to the denial of trust of the light and love of the hearts of other members of our family.


11.00 noon - Forgiveness ceremony in the presence of our Mother Earth, Holy Mother and the ancient grandmothers within the earth, with all of our family members from the last 9 incarnations on earth.


12.00pm - Divine Assistance for the liberation of old consciousness carried by our genetic line, from the sphere of our mind. We focus on the monitor and watcher guardian nature of our consciousness that usually makes choices and decisions based on the memory carried by our ancestors that and at times is affected by fear and tends to be overprotective of our soul.


1pm – Lunch


2pm – We are invited to stand as a representative of our family to support any family members who may have conflict with each other to resolve these in the presence of the Karmic Board, the angel of our family heart, Holy Mother and the Enlightened Ones.


3.30pm - Guided mergence process with our super consciousness to understand the learning, what we need to know now as the higher truth of our family heart’s learning for our soul in this life and what we need to do now. Journaling activity.


4.30pm – Holy Mother blessing and consecration of our family heart. 

Day 2

Enquiries & Registration





6 Elm Street

Oakland NJ 07436

Registration is essential as only 15 places are available.

Sacred Exchange: $300 USD

Payment Options: Cash or via PayPal button below.

To use Guest Checkout, click "Pay with a Card".


What to bring: Bottled water, lunch, extra cushions for comfort, pen and paper, your beautiful self, optional cleansed crystal for the altar

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Meet AmaYa

AmaYa is a divine vessel for the wisdom, love and dispensations of the Holy Mother. She is a transmitter of the frequencies of love, which empower a soul to raise in energy vibration and experience their divine essence. She mentors souls through her embodiment of love, faith, compassion, higher truth and the wisdom of her Divine Presence.


She facilitates trainings, programs, events and retreats in service to the true freedom of our humanity and development of our heart chakra as an illumined portal of love. She is an international teacher and mentor of The Divine University.

AmaYa has co-facilitated two one year self mastery schools and trained students to read Akashic Records. She is preparing to teach a one year, self mastery school based on new teachings on the art and science of the heart.


Visit Amaya at the Sirius Library

Visit Amaya at the Self Mastery School

Meet Amaya
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